Friday, 1 November 2013

Roots V8 Racing Experience announces its 2014 Schedule

Roots V8 Racing Experience announces its 2014 Schedule.

The Roots V8 Racing team is planning a full series of Late Model experience days during the 2014 season. Willing participants will get the chance to try out these 450BHP American Stock Cars on the Thursday and Friday prior to a race weekend. Drivers can further their experience buy renting a car to race in the CAMSO V8 race weekends.

The cars are Late Model stock cars as found in NASCAR’s All American Series raced on NASCAR home tracks all over the U.S. They are powered by 5.7 litre Chevrolet V8 engines and use slick racing tyres.
Graduates from the Roots V8 Racing Experience will also be able to race these high-power race cars at Lydden Hill in Kent and the fast 1km banked oval in Venray.

The Roots V8 Racing Experience can cater for individuals or groups with or without previous racing experience.

Contact us by phone, email or on our facebook page for more details or a brochure.

Experience dates :
March 27th,28th April 17th,18th May 15th,16th June 26th,27th August 21st,22nd September 4th,5th October 2nd,3rd

More dates are to be added after race schedules are finalised. 

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Roots V8 Racing Cars

There are many Stock Car chassis manufactures in the United States; Roots V8 Racing’s preferred supplier is Lefthander in Illinois. The chassis is a steel tubular space frame design, the same as any other NASCAR series. The chassis are built off-set to get the maximum amount of the vehicles weight on to the left side of the car. This helps the car go around the turns of the oval faster.

Roots V8 Racing uses the Chevrolet 400/400 Circle Track crate motor. It is a 5.7 litre V8 engine that produces 400BHP at 5500RPM. Maximum torque is 400LB-FT at 4500RPM. The engine has a red-line of 5800RPM and uses regular unleaded fuel.

Roots V8 Racing use Five Star Racing Bodies. They are made of Polycarbonate or with the exception of the doors, rocker panels and deck lid. These parts are made of aluminium. The windscreens are made of Lexan with other windows of the car manufactured from Perspex.

The transmission is a Brinn two speed short track gearbox. It is both light and strong and contains a wet clutch that is operated in the opposite way from a conventional road car. With the race car in neutral and the engine running, first gear can be selected. Drive is then taken up by pushing on the clutch pedal. Second gear is a direct drive and requires no clutch at all. Don’t panic if this sounds complicated! It is very simple and Roots V8 Racing has instructors to talk you through the operation of the gearbox should you decide to drive one of our cars.

Roots V8 Racing cars are immensely strong. Each utilises a six-point aircraft harness and has a fire extinguisher in the cockpit. The cars use Butler Racing seats and include a quick-release steering wheel and a window net for added protection. The cars are equipped with fuel and electric cut-off safety switches.

The Roots V8 Racing Late Model Experience

NASCAR started nearly half a century ago. Moonshiners would race their modified road cars against one another to see who was fastest. Now the multi-billion dollar sport is the most popular form of racing in the USA and has started to impact Europe.

NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) runs many different forms of stock car racing. The most well-known of these is The Grand National Series also currently known as the Sprint Cup. This is the one you see on Premier Sports of a Sunday evening. 43 cars, each with 800+BHP battling door to door for anything up to 600 miles to reach the chequered flag.

As well as Cup there is also the Nationwide Series. On the ladder of Stock Car racing, Nationwide is one rung below Cup with shorter races for less powerful cars.

There are also the NASCAR regional Late Model series and weekly series where experienced drivers from all over the world start their NASCAR careers.

It is these Late Model cars that we at Roots V8 Racing offer to budding Stock Car drivers to race on the ovals of Europe in the European Late Model Series. 

Contact us about driving one today on:
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