Saturday, 10 May 2014

Prices and Contacts


One day experience €500
Two day experience €1100

€1000 to €1500 per race day depending on venue

We except Euros or GBP at the exchange rate given on the day of booking.
Cheques  must be cleared before the date of your experience.
Cash can be paid on the day.
Paypal can be sent to

Roots V8 Racing
411 Kingston Road
KT19 0BT

For information call Jean Vasseur on +33633751649


Friday, 9 May 2014

Other Venues

This high banked 1km oval is one of the fastest in Europe and an ideal place to experience the true speed and grip of these cars. Venray is only available for racing packages and it is recommended you get some experience under your belt before venturing on to this raceway. HANS device or equivalent is mandatory at this venue.

Lydden Hill
The picturesque Lydden circuit is located near the Port of Dover hidden in the Kent hills. The Late Models only have one race meeting a year there, but it is a corker. 6 races over held over two days. The 600 meter oval has no banking but has an interesting ‘up-hill-down-dale’ section that scares the pants off the unwary.

This wide quarter-mile bullring sees some of the most exciting Late Model races when it holds its Saturday night meeting. Two heats and a final in quick succession with trophies available for each of the races. The great thing about racing at Ipswich on Saturday night is that you get all Sunday to rest! And you will need it!

For information call Jean Vasseur on +33633751649

Thursday, 8 May 2014

How to get to Warneton


  • From Calais take direction 'DUNKERQUE' (Motorway) 
  • Near Dunkerque take motorway A25, direction 'LILLE' 
  • On A25 take junction 8 ' La Chapelle-D'Armentieres' 
  • Turn left, after 200 m keep to the left 
  • After about 0,6 miles roundabout straight on direction Menin, Ypres, Houplines
  • Approx. 2,5 miles straight through until next roundabout. 
  • At this roundabout do a left direction N58 'Le Bizet-Ypres' 
  • On the N58 take the junction 'Warneton-Ploegsteert' N515 
  • Turn right, 0,2 miles second road right, direction 'Speedway Circuit' 
  • Take second right after about 0,5 mile
After 0,2 miles you will see the stadium on your right

For information call Jean Vasseur on +33633751649

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Race Rental

“Now let’s see how you do in a crowd…”
Rowdy Burns, Days of Thunder.

Seat fitting: Getting you acquainted with the car you will be driving.
Duck and Drake: Just a quick refresher to remind you where the track goes.
Open Practice: You will be out on track with other racing drivers. Be aware of cars leaving and joining the circuit, listen to your radio, get used to driving in traffic.
You may wish to adjust your race car. Return to the pit area and consult with the Roots V8 Racing team. They will make adjustments for you.
5:00pm Practice ends.

Most Late Model Stock Car race meetings consist of three races. Two heats and a feature final. This is it! This is what it’s all about…

For information call Jean Vasseur on +33633751649

Tuesday, 6 May 2014



What happens in a session?
An instructor will lead you around the track on the racing line; he will start slowly at first and gradually build up speed. This exercise is called Duck and Drake. There will normally be one instructor and three students on the track at any one time, so four cars in total. You will do around ten minutes like this and then stop so you can be debriefed while your fellow students get in the cars and do their ten minutes. We aim for a fast turnaround to give you as much track time as possible. As soon as your fellow students have finished, you will get back in the cars and go faster. NASCAR racing is a difficult sport and some people will pick it up faster than others. By mid-morning you may be asked to change groups so we can work on different areas of your driving. This is so we can get you all up to the same level by lunch time.

Is there a limit to how fast I can go?
No, providing you are safe when you are doing it. When we are doing the Duck and Drake exercise our instructors will be keeping an eagle eye out for people that have more bravery than talent. If you should fall into that category then don’t expect to pass NASCAR school! We don’t give awards to the fastest drivers. However, if we do feel you will be safe at higher speeds, you will be asked if you wish to drive without the instructor in front of you. Please remember where he was going…

I have previous race experience; Do I still have to Duck and Drake?
Yes and there are NO exceptions. You are in good company though, if you look through the entry list of a European Late Model race, you will find drivers from GT racing, Britcar, Belcar, rallying, single seaters and stock car racing. Many are champions in their field. The one thing they all have in common is that they had to Duck and Drake at the Roots V8 Racing Experience day. Drive smoothly and consistently and we will let you off the leash.

How much track time will I get?
Let us say, six people in two groups of three. Each person would expect to see around two hours of total track time. We aim for a fast turnaround so if we can sneak some more track time in, we will. Of course this depends on the weather and your fellow students not crashing.

What if it rains?
Sadly we can’t do much about the weather. NASCAR is a fair weather sport. We will try to work around rain the best we can and compensate for lost track time. We realise it is a long way to come, but we make no guarantees regarding postponement or cancellation due to rain.

Can I do more?
Yes. You can increase your course to two days. You will start day two much faster than day one and, if you are comfortable with it, drive with faster traffic around you.

Can I race this car?
Yes. See our race rental program.

Can I buy this car?
Yes. On successful completion of the course, you will be eligible to race in CAMSO V8 and the V8 Late Model Supercup

How many does the course cater for?
The maximum is ten people on any one day.

What if I spin?
Don’t panic, we have all done it. Knock it back in to neutral, fire it up and drive around to the start/finish line. We probably want a word with you…

What if I crash?
Again, you won’t be the first. If you crashed because you didn’t do what we told you, we may want a word with you. You will be responsible for any damage you do because you didn’t follow an instruction. So follow instructions, then you won’t have to worry about crashing! Warneton has steep banking which holds the car down when it spins. It is possible to hit the wall by accident but it is a very rare occurrence. No one has ever been hurt at the Roots V8 Racing Experience to date.

What if I don’t like it?
No one has ever left the Roots V8 Racing Experience having not liked it! Some are intimidated by the cars when they first see and hear them. Don’t worry; there is no rush to get you through the course. You can go at your own pace at whatever speed you feel comfortable with.

Do I need a race licence?

Do I need safety equipment?
Safety equipment is provided but if you feel more comfortable in your own crash helmet and overalls, do feel free to bring them with you.

Do I need to book a group of people?

No, you can book as an individual. 

For information call Jean Vasseur on +33633751649

Monday, 5 May 2014

Roots V8 Racing Experience

Arrive at track for coffee, croissants and orange juice.
Sign in: Overalls and helmet supplied
Safety briefing and explanation of car controls
First group of sessions
Lunch and debrief
Second group of sessions
Overtaking and side-by-side racing

Course completed

For information call Jean Vasseur on +33633751649

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Warneton Speedway

Warneton Speedway is the home of CAMSO V8. It is one of the few tracks where you can race NASCAR Late Models, the same cars that are used in the Roots V8 Racing Experience. The track is the only high-banked short oval in Europe making the Roots V8 Racing Experience unique outside of the United States. The track is very easy to get to and is a mere 60 miles from Calais. You will find directions elsewhere in this blog; for now, let’s concentrate on the circuit itself.

The start/finish rostrum is on the right and as you look up the race track in front of you, you can see a cross painted on the track surface. It is not intentional, it just happens to be where a timing mark (going from one side of the racing surface to the other) meets the overtaking line (a line following the length of the circuit) Slow the car down, braking with your left foot, and gently bring the car towards the cross looking ahead to where you will apex turn one. There are coloured curbs on the apron of the turn and you’re just going to clip them with the inside front wheel. The car is now pushing itself into the banking of the turn. You will be surprised at the amount of grip one of these cars will generate. There is a pad on the right hand side of your headrest that you can lean on if you feel your neck getting tired.

With the throttle balanced, follow the apron around turn two. As the track starts to open on to the backstretch, you can begin to wind the steering off and apply the throttle. Don’t be tempted to give it the full four hundred ponies all in one go because the car will bite you. Ease the throttle down.
The back of the car will still try to skip around but the straighter the front wheels get, the more you can give it. Drift the car out to the wall; remember how wide it is though!
The big V8 will eat up the backstretch with no problem, pushing you right back in the seat as it attempts to head-butt the horizon.

Back on the brakes for turn three, turn in nice and early to get a good line through four. You can pinch a bit more apron here and get on the power earlier if you keep a nice tight line. Gently squeeze the throttle open as you come off the turn and let the car drift out to the wall. Wide open throttle as you go under the start gantry again.

If you did all that right, it will have taken about 13 seconds…
To book a test session call Jean Vasseur on +33633751649